Our Online Marketing Services

Rogerwilco (which until 1 Oct 2014 was known as 2Stroke Interactive) is an award winning digital marketing agency that helps companies attract and retain customers all over the globe.

We do this by producing and promoting content that creates engagement between brands and their audiences. We build platforms this content can be housed on using the Drupal open source development framework. And we use hard-core analytics to measure the engagement that our content and platforms facilitate. 

Our name is derived from the classic two-way radio communication protocol to confirm that a message has been received, understood (Roger) and will be complied with (Wilco).

The business was founded in March 2008 and is based in Cape Town with a client service and business development office in Johannesburg. Our team includes digital strategists, technical search engine optimisers, print, video and photo journalists, PR consultants, social media consultants, analytics and conversion optimisation specialists, web usability experts, email marketers, front and back end web developers and designers.

Recent accolades include being recognised as South Africa’s best SEO company, a gold award for content marketing/media relations in the PRISMs (the official awards of the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa), Pixels for organic search and email marketing in the IAB Bookmark Awards in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016 (there were no awards in 2014) and nine Assegai’s for organic search at the Direct Marketing Association’s 2014, 2015 and 2016 annual awards. The IAB recognised our head of search as South Africa's search marketer of the year for 2015 and rated us as the country's best SEO team in 2016.

We’ve worked hard to create a high performance environment where we blend a relaxed approach to life with a professional approach to service delivery. We’re driven by paternalism and believe that adopting family centric principles create a productive and harmonious workplace, fostering creativity and improving staff and client retention.

We’re a Google Partner and we’re also active members of the IAB (formerly the Digital Media and Marketing Association), the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa and the broader Drupal community.

A few things worth knowing about us

  • We’re an independent, owner run business.
  • We think the best way of evidencing success is through our client retention. The average relationship duration with our current clients is 27 months (might not sound like much, but we’ve doubled in size in the last year, writing a lot of new business in the process).
  • 12% of our revenues come from campaigns we run for overseas organisations.
  • We work directly with clients in the B2C, B2B and NGO space, but we also do a lot of channel work. We’re geared to helping other agencies with development or marketing projects for their own clients.
  • We're based in Mark Shuttleworth's old offices. No, it's not a garage. We've larney landscaped gardens replete with Dylan Lewis sculptures, a swimming pool we never use and a koi pond. More to the point, we've full UPS and generator backup, so we're able to thumb our noses at Eishkom. 
  • We work hard, but we also make time for fun. Each month we play more than 100 games of table tennis, drink more than 3 000 coffees (our poor ears endure the noise of over 20 000 coffee beans being ground every working day) and spend 21 hours having our shoulders (not egos) massaged.
  • We believe in wellness in the workplace. We have regular health days where fitness consultants, dieticians and nurses give our team guidance on healthly living while helping them complete medical or life insurance tests.
  • And we drink quite a lot of red wine and tequilla. Sometimes together. We hope no-one’s counting the empties.