ECommerce Photography

Our sister company, Pickr, boasts one of South Africa’s best equipped ecommerce photography studios.

It specialises in producing high quality static images and 360° product videos that improve the appeal of merchandise, helping web owners increase conversion rates.

The speed at which Africa is adopting ecommerce is mind-blowing, and while there are plenty great online stores that have put huge effort into structural usability, all too many ecommerce sites are let down by poor product photography

A 2014 research paper by US firm Vouchercloud – you can see the infographic here - found 92.6% of those surveyed said visuals were the top factor influencing a purchasing decision. 

Furthermore, having multiple product views led to 58% more sales, while 31% of consumers bought a product after viewing a video.

Reading the paper was a light bulb moment for us. Inside Rogerwilco we have a great usability team of Google Analytics certified designers and analysts, so we’re pretty good at getting a website’s architecture right for conversion. We’ve got award winning SEO consultants and a hugely skilled team of writers who can weave a compelling story into a product description. But we found that when building or optimising sites for clients, we were often left to deal with 2nd rate manufacturer supplied images that focused on elements consumers really weren’t interested in.

So, we set up Pickr. Our photography studio – based in Cape Town – is equipped with lightboxes, turntables for 360° shots, an array of cameras and lenses and a post-production editing suite boasting the latest software. 

Our photographers, stylists and post-production team have shot everything from diamond rings to cans of baked beans and from shoes to wheelie bins. 

And they’ve collaborated with our SEO team and writers to offer ecommerce owners a turnkey product optimisation service that combines alluring, consistent product photography with compelling product descriptions that are optimised both for conversion and for search visibility.

Pickr might just be the conversion springboard your website needs to boost sales. If you’d like a quote for attention grabbing stills, macro images or 3600 degree videos, visit, give us a call on +27 (0)21 975 8383 or complete this web form for a snappy response.



With their shoot and postproduction capability, the Rogerwilco and Pickr team have helped our jewellery come to life. They’re much more cost effective than a traditional studio shoot, turnaround times are fast and there’s consistency in the output regardless of when the product shots are taken. Every ecommerce store should be using them.

Sandy Christie, Galaxy & Co