Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most effective and measurable ways of using online marketing to engage customers and sell more product more profitably.

At Rogerwilco, our creative writers, designers and technicians have won awards for the e-newsletter programmes they run for clients who range from publishing companies to online retailers and membership organisations to B2B service providers.

Sending a newsletter is just the first step in customer engagement. Our sophisticated measurement techniques allow you to track who opened, forwarded or responded to your mailings, allowing you to tweak and reinforce your internet marketing campaigns. And, used in conjunction with our marketing automation software, your email campaigns can run while you attend to other priorities.

We’ll start by defining an overall strategy before creating an editorial plan that covers the written and visual content of your newsletters as well as the webpages it directs people to.

Once we’ve taken a design brief we’ll code a template in HTML using responsive design techniques to ensure it renders equally well on PCs and phones.

We’ll then create a database to hold all your subscribers data that’ll allow you to search and segment your audience based on preferences and outcomes.

After testing’s been completed, we’ll distribute the newsletter. More often than not, we’ll advocate split testing where different content or calls to action are sent to segments of the database. The differing responses we receive provide insight that can be used to hone future mailings. Tracking, reporting and data analysis allow us to iterate and tweak activity to maximise return on investment.

Because of our strong commitment to delivering high-quality, legal content, our sending service provider has whitelist agreements with the major ISPs. This means we’ll ensure your database and content conforms to anti-spam legislation and laws. But it also means that we will ask you to provide proof of opt in when you deliver a database to us.

Following this recipe makes a meaningful difference to our clients. Read on to discover how an email campaign helped one of our clients double their turnover. And you can check the latest blogs from our email team to the right.

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Julie Shoobridge, Kwelanga Training

They have helped improve the average click through rates tremendously and we have received many compliments from our clients on the new look/feel of our email marketing.


Case Study

One of our email campaigns for online cycle store Chris Willemse Cycles was designed to build brand awareness in the traditionally quiet winter period. We took the occassion of their 35th birthday to run a promotion that delivered a 245% year on year sales boost.