Zoe Pedersen

Zoe is a brand fanatic. Coming from a background in brand management, CRM and loyalty marketing – she’s passionate about connecting value propositions with customers. The book smarts include a Bachelor of Business Administration [UNISA] and an Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Advertising Communications [Red & Yellow] and the street smarts come from over 8years in client service and project management working across a diverse range of accounts from FMCG to hospitality. Zoe’s a strong believer in understanding a client’s business and in delivering honest, smart strategies that get results. She’s an early bird and enjoys starting the work day in the dark with her laptop screen for illumination. But that doesn’t mean she’s all work and no play – she’ll be the one shouting the loudest at the ref if the Springboks or Western Province are playing and she enjoys a well made Gin ’n Tonic [preferably daily and served with a slice of lemon….she’s half British after all].

Content marketing needs to make an impact for the businesses. Any marketing effort, ideally, needs to demonstrate an impact to the bottom line. It has to make money, show results, it has to prove value.

Smart, relevant, engaging content definitely can impact a path to purchase but it can also help a brand achieve a whole heap of softer, less monetary targets. (And let’s face it, if you get the warm and fuzzies really right, the money follows!)

There are many analogies when it comes to strategy:

  • Strategy is like a roadmap to help you find your way,
  • It’s about putting together the right weapons and tactics to help you win your war,
  • It’s a plan of action…

Personally, I like to lean heavily on references related to playing a game. Choose whatever game you like – I’m a rugby fan myself.

In other words, strategy is your Game Plan.