Christophe Viarnaud

Christophe, a French national, holds degrees from EDHEC and an MBA from UCT's Graduate School of Business. He has 20 years experience in the energy and technology industries having spent a decade in various international finance positions at Schlumberger. After moving to South Africa in 2004, he served as managing director of the Actaris (now Itron) Subsaharan Africa business. Christophe Ieads the international technology group Methys which has offices in five countries, is a co founder of PayGenius and is involved at board or advisory level in a number of technology businesses while also serving as chairman of the French School. As a non-executive director, he brings a distinct set of entrepreneurial and innovation skills to the governance role he fills at Rogerwilco. As something of a tennis addict, we’re hoping to move him from the court to the table and enhance our team’ ping pong prowess.