Megan Sell

Megan only discovered her love for writing at the age of 28. Before that she spent her time in the theatre world and then in the magazine industry, which is where she got a taste of the sweet reward that writing can deliver.

In one short year, Megan went from running a sales team on an established B2B magazine to developing, pitching and launching a mining magazine. It was during the late nights in production that she discovered her love for words and content production. She became an assistant to the editorial team and through mentoring by an industry stalwart, she became a features writer and editor.

After building up her portfolio of published articles, Megan ventured into the digital realm to try her hand at the online game. In her free time… Wait. What free time? With a little girl nicknamed Moonpie keeping her busy, Megan is talking, laughing, smiling, writing or tidying up from the minute she wakes up until she lies down to rest. Somewhere in between she’s at the gym or on the beach.

Megan lives by the words of John F Kennedy: “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”