Ankia Le Roux

Juggling the working world and student life, Ankia is enthusiastic about life-long learning. She’s had more than three years’ experience in the business world and has just completed a bridge course in Economic and Business Management Science at UNISA. Ankia’s now facing a difficult decision – what to study next. She’s become very interested in development and plans to explore it by completing a tertiary qualification in that field. Ankia describes herself as a Protean career woman, ready to take on a variety of new roles to expand her skills.
She loves people and enjoys getting to know what makes them tick. Ankia believes that it’s important to trust in the skills and abilities of members of the company’s teams. She believes it’s important to remember the words of businesswoman and writer Margaret Heffernan: “I've never really felt very motivated by pecking orders or by superchickens or by superstars. But for the past 50 years, we've run most organisations and some societies along the superchicken model.
“We've thought that success is achieved by picking the superstars, the brightest men, or occasionally women, in the room, and giving them all the resources and all the power. And the result has been just the same as in William Muir's experiment: aggression, dysfunction and waste.”