Jakes Redelinghuys

Jakes is a self-proclaimed tech evangelist. As a software coder who has a keen eye for design and is able to speak the language of business, he’s found his metier in digital marketing.

After graduating with a B.Com from the University of Stellenbosch he moved to London where he held IT consulting roles with the UK’s Atomic Energy Authority and the London Stock Exchange. On his return to South Africa, he founded and sold a number of software development companies before establishing Rogerwilco in 2008 with his business partner Charlie Stewart.

He’s actively involved in all aspects of the business with a particular focus on finance. He also assumes a programme management role on key client projects.

His entrepreneurial blood flows strong and he takes the lead in Rogerwilco Ventures, establishing promising spin offs from our core business like Pickr, our photography studio, and The Cradle, our publishing enterprise. 

He gets out of bed to the sound of Henry Ford’s mantra ringing in his ears “No process starts until a sale is made”.

This article was posted on Mashable (6 April 2011). I am posting it as is, because it is well written and gives an in-depth analysis of the difference between most of the web development tools out there. This article addresses a question that I get asked every day. I hope this is useful to you. It was written by Lisa Wehr. She is the founder and CEO of Oneupweb, a leading digital marketing agency representing some of the nation’s most recognized brands for more than 15 years.

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