Michelle Jones

After working in the world of daily newspapers for more than six years, Michelle recently made the leap into focusing on the exciting world of brand journalism and SEO on behalf of her interesting array of clients. She worked for the Cape Times newspaper during and after obtaining her BTech in Journalism at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. There she learned to create quality copy to intense deadlines on a wide variety of topics. In her free time, Michelle enjoys all the best things in life - travel, delicious food, Cape wines and spending time outside. “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'.” - Audrey Hepburn

It’s the kind of thing that keeps team leaders awake at night. Team members are resigning, leaving for adventures and new opportunities. This is a normal aspect of the working world. People move on and explore what else is out there.

Although you wish them well, as their leader, the person entrusted and expected to keep them productive and happy, this can be a major blow.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you will have heard about Pokémon GO. People of all ages can be seen walking around the streets and stopping their cars on the side of the road as they discover and catch Pokémon, collect items at Pokéstops and conquer gyms.

Still don’t know what it’s about? Find the nearest tired-looking person who’s glued to their cellphone and ask them to explain.

One of the biggest myths in digital marketing today, and my personal pet peeve, is the belief that you can purposefully create content with the intention of it going viral. The truth is there is no method, formula or recipe to create viral content.

Millennials aren’t just about taking selfies. Soon they will be the largest part of the workforce, an increased number of them are running companies, they have massive buying power and soon they’ll be leading the country.

Yes, they do enjoy taking and sharing selfies. But millennials are so much more. And it was this that I was invited to discuss at last week’s Leading Women Summit.

Good teams make great companies. Teams are the building blocks of companies. But what are the building blocks of a good team? Which are the core ingredients every team needs to become stronger?


Rogerwilco is made up of a number of different teams. Not only does each team need to be strong, they need to work well together. According to the content team members, they make a great team because of their shared love of coffee and kittens. And lightheartedness.