Rich Wiese

Rich is fascinated with words –Kinda useful when you’re a writer. He’s tall. But he’d prefer it if you didn’t crack jokes about it. How’s the weather up there? It’s the same as yours. Thank you.
Richie the King, as he’s affectionately known to himself, is fascinated with warfare. You might ask how this has helped his career, and his response would be poignant. It hasn’t. By now we’re sure that you’ve stopped reading and turned your attention to more serious matters such as cat compilations on YouTube, but before you go, let’s inform you that Rich has indeed qualified to do what he does. He received his piece of paper from a prestigious advertising school that left him with enormous debt. Well played. Good ol’ Dr. Seuss rounds this one up with a favourite quote: "Today you are you,that is truer than true. There is no one alive,that is youer than you."