Who we are

We’re one hot South African specialist agency.
Our core expertise is Drupal development and performance marketing.
Award-winning, results-driven work is what we’re all about.
Since opening our doors in 2008, communication has been our thing.
Don’t believe us?
Let’s break it down for you. Roger – wilco.
We get your message. Understand what you’re all about. And will get you where you want to go.
We love what we do and we can do it for you.
Feel free to take a look around.

The best vs. the mediocre.

Not afraid to make mistakes. Experiment. Learn. Do better. Work harder. That’s us.
We’re suckers for the little things. Dotting our Qs and crossing our Zs.
We’ll back the underdog and look good doing it.
High fives, colourful language. And daily personal space violations.
Amongst it all, we’ll pull the sharpest minds together
and make the magic happen.
Again and again.
Because it’s not about a nine to five.
It’s about getting shit done and loving life while we do it.

Our world is the 1%

Our approach towards our work is simple.
If we break down everything that we know about your brand; everything that affects it and its marketing.
Absolutely everything.
And then improve all of those components by just one percent.
When we bring it all together, we’ll gain significant improvement in performance.
Because marginal gains matter. The collective matters.
And winning is our business.


We don’t set out to win awards.
But because we’re driven by a desire to measure everything we do, we do.
You’ll rarely find us winning fluffy trophies named after birds or animals that seek only to reward creativity.
No, we believe the real measure of an award should be about a campaign’s results.
Show the ROI and you show the value of the work.

It’s a philosophy that’s seen us win getting on for 30 Assegai, Bookmark, PRISM and New Generation awards. It’s also had us shortlisted for the prestigious global DigiDay content marketing awards.

While most of our awards have come from client campaign work, we love to showcase the talented individuals working on the team. Their smarts have seen them pick up the IAB’s best SEO individual/team in 2015, 2016 and 2017. And the DMASA's South African Marketer of the Year for 2017.

If you’d like to see how we go about structuring campaigns that deliver meaningful results, check out our case studies.
And if you want to get in touch, complete the web form to contact us.


SEO Internship

We're looking for a talented and enthusiastic SEO intern.

Mid-Senior Writer

Rogerwilco, a multi-award winning digital agency best known for its content marketing, SEO and development work, is looking for a talented and enthusiastic mid-level writer.

Content Team Internship

Rogerwilco, a multi award-winning digital agency, best known for its content marketing, SEO, and development work, is looking for a talented and enthusiastic writer.

Mid Front-End Developer

Rogerwilco has an opportunity for a talented front-end developer who believes they’re able to take on Drupal as a site builder. Your talents will be tested while working with a challenging CMS like Drupal, but you will have the full support of one of the most talented Drupal houses behind you.

Mid Level Back-End Developer

Rogerwilco is looking to add a new mid level back-end developer to their team. You will be working under our senior back-end developer, assisting him with a number of tasks

Junior-Mid Level SEO Consultant

We're on the hunt for a digitally savvy junior to mid level SEO technician with at least one year's agency experience to help with keyword research and analysis, site audits, onsite and offsite optimisation.

Mid-Senior SEO Strategist

We're looking for a mid-senior SEO to join our multi-award winning team.

Project Management Intern

The traffic and project management team is the glue that holds our agency together and we’re looking for someone to join us on a paid internship to learn the roles.