Delycia du Plessis

Traffic Manager

“Never compare your journey to someone else’s.”

What’s the most interesting thing about her? She’s learning how to play the harmonica. (We’re proud of you, D).

Delycia is one of Rogerwilco’s traffic angels. Like any good traffic manager, she’s a stickler for details and is often the one running around making sure everyone is getting to meetings on time. The mother of Rogerwilco, she’s a champion of the people and isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done to protect her peeps.

Armed with her diploma in marketing, Dee’s gift for administration and organisation means she’s the perfect fit for her role. Living by the words of Bruce Lee, Delycia acts as water in her day-to-day job. Whether it’s pushing the creatives for deadlines, heading up meeting after meeting or keeping everyone’s expectations in check, Dee moves seamlessly from task to task. Outside of the office, this young songbird is a gifted musician with a voice that could bring you to tears. Be like water, my friend.

Articles by Delycia

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had days at work where we’ve felt like things are just too much.