Jes Edgson


All I can do is be me, whoever that is." Bob Dyla

Jes knew she wanted to be a writer at age 12. But that’s too young to be put to work. So she did her time in school, paid her dues at Rhodes and now has a piece of paper that says she can write the words and be paid for it. 

She’s a senior on the team and often speaks in Aaron Sorkin quotes (specifically Toby Ziegler from West Wing). We think she’s our feisty, fiery redhead but she describes herself as odd and, well, we love her for it.

Jes knows how to put things in perspective. Because who cares whether the toilet paper is over or under, Jes is just pleased there’s TP to begin with. You can often find Jes muttering profanities quietly to herself (okay, sometimes loudly across the office) while scrolling through her phone or staring at nothing in particular. But the girl can meet a deadline like no other and while she won’t tell anybody about the coolest thing she’s done, she’ll show you the ropes and help you get shit done.

In her downtime Jes enjoys punk music, bad country tracks and nineties angry girl tunes, and she won’t care if you judge her for it.

Articles by Jes

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