Rich Wiese


"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive, that is youer than you." - Dr Seuss

Rich is a long man who’s been writing for a long time. For reals, Rich is possibly the tallest dude we know (but no one say anything). He could crush us with his big hands and, considering that he’s fascinated with warfare, we’re not about to test him. 

Nah, Just kidding. Rich is kind, helpful, cool and also highly qualified. Which is great because he gets paid to do this writing gig. In fact, Rich boasts an official paper from a fancy advertising school that says he’s an excellent wordsmith. And we concur. As a senior writer on the team, he can pretty much do anything you throw at him. Except smell. Rich can’t smell you or himself or the roses. 

Observing Rich in his natural habitat, you’ll find him head-bopping to psytrance and snacking all the damn time. He is fascinated by words and this can be seen by some of the seriously sexy copy he creates on the daily. There is one thing that Rich will never, ever compromise on that’s the toilet paper must be over and it must be two-ply. Snob.

In Rich’s downtime he does things like summit Mount Kilimanjaro. How? We don’t know considering he’s always the last in the office. Average.