Roger Gordon

Creative Director

“Drop shadows, not bombs.” Anon

The smorgasbord of experience and creativity that Roger brings to the Rogerwilco crew is super damn impressive. Our creative director started life as a copywriter but gradually moved into design and then art direction. He spent a good portion of time in Japan pushing boundaries in digital marketing and experiential campaigns. His work on headlining international brands has earned him a few of the industry’s favourite awards, plying his trade with agencies like TBWA (Cape Town and Japan), FoxP2, 34 and Mirum. But now we have him and that’s awesome for us!

He is known to push the envelope, so if you want to be surprised, delighted or intrigued spend some time with our International Man of Mystery. He has a wealth of knowledge about almost anything, even the obscure. Looking for a review on the latest horror film? Or perhaps you want to know about vinyls, independent street wear labels, boxing or Husky puppies? Roger’s your guy. The single most interesting thing about Rog: He collects (but never uses) independent street-wear label accessories and products.

Articles by Roger

From name changes to the new 30 hour work week, ad agencies seem to be looking for new ways to shake up the traditional approach to the industry.