Sergio Henriques


“What’s for dinner?” (This says it all really)

Serg started out as a writer, but his interest in how websites function quickly had him switching from prose to programming. His love for development means he’s likely to work on both front- and back-end projects. He’s a bit of a challenge junkie and rarely turns one down. Cue Challenge Accepted memes. This means he’s likely to run solely on energy drinks for days at a time while he pushes for the results that he’s after. We don’t mind your attention to detail, Serg. But he does like to unplug from time to time too. Few things are better to Sergio than a braai, fishing (Ah, there we go) and spending time with his family.

To that end, he’s a bit of a cliché. Of Portuguese descent, he managed to get his skipper’s licence years before his driver’s licence.

Articles by Sergio

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