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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation uses technology to automate repetitive tasks while crunching data to gain insights that can be used to improve conversion rates. So as well as helping your sales team transform highly qualified prospects into customers, the software helps identify the strengths and inefficiencies in your marketing channels and tactics.

We’ve partnered with IBM to offer South African marketers access to Watson Campaign Automation (WCA).

WCA is a digital marketing automation platform that allows marketers to use behavioral data from multiple sources to push marketing messages to prospects through email, web, mobile apps, SMS and social channels.

Campaign Configuration

An easy to use dashboard allows users to design and automate sophisticated, multi-step and multi-channel campaign programs.

Lead Management and Scoring

Capture more of the right leads. Close the loop between marketing and sales and drive greater revenue through lead management features that deliver higher-quality leads and decrease customer acquisition costs. Get quality leads by understanding prospect behavior and scoring on that behavior. Manage and nurture your leads; maximize your budget.

AI-powered Marketing Assistant

WCA boasts the industry's only integrated AI-powered marketing assistant to help marketers make better decisions. To gain insights on how this week’s mailing compared to last week’s, simply ask Watson a question. You’ll receive a detailed analysis comparing hundreds of data points that’ll help guide your next email campaign.

Analytics consulting and conversion optimisation has long been one of Rogerwilco’s core strengths. Combining these skills with a product like Watson Customer Engagement enables us to turbo charge your businesses’ sales and marketing effort.

Need Assistance with Marketing Automation?

Rogerwilco’s strategists and data scientists are ready to solve your MA challenges.