Case Study: Contego Web Development

Tue, 13/12/2011 - 10:09

Contego approached us to develop and design their website. The website needed to make investment accessible whilst not cheapening the Contego brand and maintaining the perception of quality that is associated with the company. Learn how 2Stroke achieved this.

Contego is an asset management firm based in the Tygervalley area of Durbanville, offering a wide range of financial services to individuals and companies. They specialize in the management of unit trusts, private portfolios, share trading and derivatives. Contego, which is split into two separate entities – personal investments and institutional investments, is under the competent and insightful management of the Louw family that have managed to become a leader in their field. Beyond their extensive portfolio of financial services, Contego involves itself in the community by sponsoring the Contego Cycling Team (quickly becoming a regular sight on podiums countrywide) as well as the Contego Wines 2 Whales cycling race and mountain bike adventure.

Through their sponsorships, Contego maintains their connection to the community at large and also increases their brand awareness, while at the same time increasing their accessibility. This was essentially the goal of the project as defined by the brief when Contego first approached us. The website needed to make investment accessible whilst not cheapening the Contego brand and maintaining the perception of quality that is associated with the company.

In order to facilitate this project, we had to first understand the business and the goals it hopes to achieve – no small task considering the differences between the financial services industry and digital marketing! But following a quick course on the in’s-and-out’s of all things finance, we set about creating a web presence that kept in mind both the layman and the seasoned investor, whilst still maintaining the image that Contego wanted to make visible to the world.

The Contego website is comprehensive to say the least. It features all the basics that a fully functional web presence requires, and a little bit more. We first and foremostly focused on first-time user initial impressions, and wanted new visitors to the site to immediately understand, at least in terms of the basics, what Contego was all about. The visual rotational device, facilitated by three large animated images, achieved this goal very effectively, as the first thing that draws user attention on the site is the three square images featuring their core services and identity.

Beyond this we wanted to provide the visitor, irrespective of their experience and understanding of the investment environment, with as much pertinent information as possible while at the same time not crowding the home page. By introducing the company and what they do, along with their most popular options in terms of investments and services, we created a situation where the user is assisted with useful information irrespective of the reason for their visit. Moreover, we added a complex feed aggregator on the home page, featuring world market trends from various sources. This was deemed especially important, for both users and Contego themselves.

The Contego succeeds in the sense that it provides extensive information without crowding the page and overwhelming the user, and by allowing new users to be eased into explication of the services on offer.

2Stroke Interactive and its Drupal Developers have vast experience in the development of websites for different industry sectors. Let our experience create your us today!

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