Corporate Social Investment

Rogerwilco has partnered with Umthombo Youth Development Foundation to help the organisation better tell its story and raise funds to expand its health sciences education mentoring programme.

At Rogerwilco we believe that all organisations need to do their bit to support the fabric of South African society.

We’re committed to improving lives - those of our staff, our clients and of the nation as a whole.

We believe that a contribution of our team’s highly skilled digital marketing prowess has the potential to catalyse far greater impact than a direct financial contribution could.

For 2020/21, our commitment is to offer the time-based equivalent of R600 000 worth of services to an organisation we believe is making a meaningful change to our society.

And that organisation is Umthombo Youth Development Foundation.


Umthombo is an NPO that provides mentorship and support to medical and health sciences students from rural areas. It runs an outreach programme to identify youth in rural communities who are interested in (and capable of) becoming qualified health workers with the intent to address the shortage of healthcare staff in rural hospitals.

Their mentorship programme has an incredible track record with over 90% of the students they support graduating (nationally, only 50% of medical / health sciences students make it to graduation).

We have supported Umthombo since 2019, redeveloping their website and providing content marketing and social media services. This has helped tell their story and connect them with potential donors so that they can increase the number of students they support.

If you would like to make a contribution to Umthombo, please contact us.

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