Highlights and Actionable from Rogerwilco's Cookie-Free Webinar

Wed, 19/06/2024 - 10:54

Rogerwilco recently hosted an insightful LinkedIn webinar in which industry leaders discussed strategies for helping marketers navigate a world without third-party cookies.

The expert panel included our own CEO, Charlie Stewart, Janette Hardman, Head of Sales at InMobi (Microsoft Advertising), Laurian Venter, Director at OneDayOnly.co.za, and Zunaid Parker, Executive Head at Vodacom. Below are the key highlights and some actionable insights from the discussion.

The Impact of Cookie Deprecation

Charlie Stewart kicked off the webinar by discussing the imminent shift away from third-party cookies and the implications for marketers. He emphasised that the deprecation of cookies is driven by growing privacy concerns and legal challenges, urging marketers to adapt by focusing more on customer retention rather than solely on new customer acquisition. This shift could lead to a more cost-effective and loyal customer base.

Leveraging First-Party Data

Laurian Venter highlighted the importance of first-party data in the post-cookie era. OneDayOnly.co.za has been preparing for this change by strengthening its customer relationship management (CRM) systems and focusing on subscriber engagement. Laurian stressed the need for businesses to collect and utilise first-party data effectively to maintain direct communication with customers and personalise marketing efforts.

Privacy-First Advertising

Janette Hardman from Microsoft Advertising emphasised the need for marketers to adopt privacy-first advertising strategies. Microsoft has been leveraging its first-party data across various platforms to deliver personalised and relevant ads without relying on third-party cookies. Partnering with premium publishers and focusing on authenticated first-party data were identified as key strategies.

Innovative Ad Products

Zunaid Parker discussed how Vodacom is adapting to the cookie-free world by implementing customer data platforms (CDPs) to achieve a single view of the customer. This approach enables Vodacom to deliver personalised and relevant content across multiple channels while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Actionable Insights

  • Strengthen First-Party Data Collection: Invest in robust CRM systems and marketing automation platforms to effectively collect and manage first-party data.
  • Focus on Customer Retention: Shift your marketing efforts towards retaining existing customers by delivering personalised and relevant content that adds value to their experience.
  • Adopt Privacy-First Strategies: Partner with premium publishers and use authenticated first-party data to ensure your advertising strategies align with privacy regulations.
  • Leverage New Technologies: Explore server-side tracking, contextual targeting, and privacy-first analytics tools to maintain effective ad targeting and measurement.
  • Continuous Testing and Optimisation: Regularly conduct A/B testing and optimise your marketing campaigns based on insights gained from performance metrics.

By embracing these strategies, marketers can navigate the challenges of a cookie-free world and build stronger, more personalised relationships with their customers.

Click here to watch the full webinar.

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