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Competitor Analysis

Most of us know who our real world rivals are, but we don’t always know who’s competing with us for visibility in Google. 

Our WOLF content strategy tool allows us to run a series of reports into keyword verticals to see who occupies the coveted real estate of the primary search engines’ organic search listings. 

As well as reviewing specified competitors’ ranking positions, we can run a deep report into every web page that features in the top 30 listings on a specific phrase or series of phrases.

To provide a high level view, we afford each result a score based on its position in the search engine results pages and the volume of queries conducted each month. We then aggregate these scores to determine who your primary online competitors are.

A further level of analysis allows us to examine each of the ranking pages to identify their onpage and offpage SEO strengths … in some instances, pages rank because they have quality content or have applied well optimised meta titles. Other times it’s because they have many inbound links or a high quality domain score that filters through the entire website.

Crunching the data helps us to prioritise which keywords our clients should chase in their SEO programmes - typically, we classify these into short, medium and long term targets based on the effort we’d need to apply to improve rankings and the speed with which we’d see results.

Know Who Your Online Competitors Are?

Rogerwilco’s data scientists are ready to analyse your real and online competitors.