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Social Media Marketing

At Rogerwilco we’ve always been fairly sceptical of social media and, although we engage with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and a whole bundle of other platforms on daily basis, we often find ourselves telling clients that social media – in isolation – is not the silver bullet they appear to think it is.

Reputation Management

It’s critical for brands to be active on social platforms to build (or salvage) their reputation. And social media is an amazing conduit through which content can be distributed in a paid or earned basis.

But it’s not a tactic. It’s merely a communication channel. And as such, it needs to be used in conjunction with an array of other digital activities as part of a broader, and measurable, communication strategy.

Social and SEO, the Magic Combo

We use it extensively to support our search engine optimisation offering. Seeding content in social media builds awareness among consumers, bloggers and journalists and often leads to the content being published in more conventional blogs posts or news platforms, generating links and valuable citation value. 

And we also use social to help clients build prospect databases they can target through email marketing. Again, we use content. By pushing interesting content snippets through social media channels, we can draw people to custom landing pages on clients’ websites where, in exchange for parting with an email address they can download the full content piece.

At a paid level, platforms like LinkedIn offer advertisers the ability to reach very specific demographics, enabling organisations to reach targets in specified locations with defined functional responsibility. Facebook provides interest-based segmentation, with most other platforms offering a degree of targeting those wanting to promote paid posts.

Strategy Defines Engagement

But the key to social is to have a marketing strategy, to understand how its use aligns with organisational goals, and to ensure activity is measurable, delivering outcomes that can facilitate broader communication with audiences using additional digital tactics. 

Need Assistance with Social Media?

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