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Progressive Web Apps

While we will build apps for clients, we’re increasingly suggesting that, instead of investing in a native app, they focus on progressive web apps.

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are regular web pages or websites, but appear to the user to be like traditional or native mobile apps.

There are a wide range of reasons for opting for a PWA over a traditional app. 

An app but not an app

First and foremost is that they don’t need to be submitted to app stores for approval. Not only does this give you more control over the development cycle, but it also means you only need to build one version of your PWA (instead of an app for iOS and another for Android), reducing cost and eliminating version control issues.

A PWA also has a very small form factor, requiring minimal data to install, which is a key consideration for brands wanting to engage developing market audiences. By way of example, Twitter’s iOS app is over 100MB. Its PWA version is just 0.6MB.

And PWA’s are also much more discoverable than conventional apps in that, with the right optimisation, they’ll feature in search engines’ results pages.

In pretty much all other ways, a PWA is similar to a regular app. They can be installed on the home screen of a phone or tablet; they run offline - and the service worker will automatically update new features when it finds connectivity; they let you send push notifications; they incorporate responsive design; and as they can be served via https, they’re secure. 

Need Assistance with Apps?

Rogerwilco’s development team is ready to build your app or PWA.