The Cycle of E-Commerce

Man riding his mountain bike in the forest with tall trees


Chris Willemse Cycles wanted to be better at making online sales. While it was doing ok, it’s visitor to sale conversion rate was less than the 2-3% seen by international ecommerce sites. CWC needed a performance marketing makeover. Enter Rogerwilco.


User experience matters when you’re dealing with people’s time. People don’t want to sit for five minutes (gross hyperbole) while a site loads. And they certainly don’t want to have to click through 10 or 12 pages (a second gross hyperbole) to finalise a purchase. Make it clear and make it snappy and you’ll make it happen.


Before designing anything, we needed to know how CWC customers interacted with their site. Google Analytics and Crazy Egg heat mapping gave us a clear picture of the conversion journey, its strengths and its junk bits. We followed this with a survey of past customers, gaining insights into a frustrating lack of product comparison and red tape around the checkout. BINGO.

Site, meet drawing board. A cleaner look and feel and optimised images improved load speed dramatically. We then gave customers what they wanted, updating the category landing pages to show off easy-to-follow product comparisons and pricing.

Fun fact: Blue creates a feeling of trust. So we made all the shopping cart buttons to blue and streamlined the whole buying process. Makeover complete. CWC now had a one-click-to-cart e-commerce site.


Achieving a slicker user experience was a coup for CWC. We reduced the distance between arriving on the site and making a purchasing decision. It paid off. The conversion rate doubled while revenue grew threefold.