Drupal Keeps Giving

Photo of a black father carrying his kid through a river


Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) were at a loss. The NPO had a website, but people were just not donating enough. They needed our help to reignite their fundraising initiative and make sure that they could keep looking after the health needs of those most in need. 


Donating money online is a tricky thing. Place too many hoops for your donors to jump through, and you’ll lose them. But don’t show enough information and you’ll lose them too. MSF were seeing the greatest drop off in the donation process when visitors were redirected to a third party page to donate. Red flag.


The site would need to be redesigned. We were happy to oblige. Using our Drupal skills we set about the task. The original site was clunky, cluttered and confusing. Nope. Cutting a short story shorter, we removed all the of clutter and built in a clearer navigation structure. Now people would be able to find their way around the site more efficiently.

Stronger calls to action compelled the philanthropic side of those who visited and we streamlined the donation process. Recognising that nobody likes confusion, we reduced the number of steps required to make a donation and made sure that people could see how much they were donating. Easy peasy.  We also decided it’d be rad to increase the site’s visibility in organic search. You know? To get more visitors.


The site went live at the start of July 2016. In the following six months it had exceeded all the previous year’s key indicators. Visitors to the site shot up by 125%. And people stuck around longer too with a 17% increase in the average session duration. But the pièce de résistance was the 185% increase in views of the donation page, pulling in funds that would help this wonderful initiative could continue its work in and around our Southern Africa.