Engaging Content Marketing

Beautiful content marketing infographics


Our client, one of the biggest personal loans companies in Southern Africa, tasked us with implementing a content strategy that would build brand awareness and improve their SEO visibility by demystifying the complex world of personal finance. The intent was to enhance people's perceptions of their brand while exposing the organisation to 'top of the funnel' long term prospects.


The media is a huge fan of visual content. And why wouldn’t they be? Complex info turned visual becomes easily digestible; high quality visuals can be used to illustrate stories; and visual stuff just lends itself to sharing. We needed to capitalise on this.


Our strategy was to leverage this by creating guides and infographics: Make things visual. Simple. Highly effective.

All we needed were tactical hooks that would get every South African talking. And we decided on two main topics: Tax and the price of petrol.

From petrol saving techniques to a layman’s guide to VAT, our infographics were beautiful, clear and insightful and fleshed out each of these topics. Launching the visuals at wildly appropriate times – tax season and those dreaded petrol price hikes – we got the word and the brand out there.

Each piece was published to the brand’s website, while a press release and the full visual were sent via a personalised mail to our database of journalists and social media commentators. The infographics were also dissected and used as web banners on relevant news sites.


The petrol price campaign alone saw content being referred across 700 other websites. It received coverage from sources like the Mail and Guardian, News24, Times Live and 2OceansVibe, reinforcing the client’s status as a reputable financial source.

Many of the sites linked back to the client website. In the short term these links persuaded 40 000 readers to click from the source publication through to the Direct Axis website. In the medium term, the credibility of these links helped improve the client’s organic search visibility on a swathe of keywords, delivering an 89% year on year increase in organic search traffic - traffic that generated measurable sales.