Giving Triumph a Lift



Triumph, the lingerie manufacturer, called upon us to help. Our challenge was to leverage SEO, about as unflattering-a-process as they come, to give bra sales a lift.


We discovered that 70% of women wear the wrong size bra. That’s a shocking number of women walking around, being uncomfortable. What could we do to change it?

We also recognised that because Google’s image search tool is still growing in popularity, it’s far less competitive that Google’s standard search. The smallest insight would be our in. 


Little did they know, Triumph already had it in them to bring in the sales: Their bra fitting tool is pretty legit. It would be our campaign platform. Promoting it and their bust size calculator to prominent fashion websites and influential bloggers was our first seductive ruse. Encouraging them to link to the tool pushed some traffic from their sites but also gave Google an oogle at how useful and credible the Triumph ecommerce store was.

Our close was targeting Triumph’s images. We renamed the files and metadata on every lingerie image using relevant keywords and captions, and optimized the size of the images. This made for super improved loading speed and ranking potential. We then created a Google image sitemap and massively increased the likelihood of the images being indexed. Now women would see Triumph in all its flattering glory.


And see Triumph, they did. Organic search grew by an astounding 139%. It seemed women were tired of being uncomfortable. A conversion rate of 2,52% on all site visits meant that the campaign saw Triumph’s revenue soar by 162%. To the ladies, we hope we did our little bit to make you feel just a little more loved.