Marketing Automation

We’ve partnered with SharpSpring, a US-based company that offers the most advanced and cost effective marketing automation software we’ve ever seen.

It’ll give you insights into all of the actions undertaken by everyone who visits your website.

Best of all, it can track the visitor back to the marketing source that took them there regardless of whether they came from search, social media, PPC, email, media coverage or referral. It’ll even assign you telephone numbers you can use in marketing activity, allowing you to track response back to specific campaigns.

Analytics consulting and conversion optimisation has long been one of Rogerwilco’s core strengths. Combining these skills with a product like SharpSpring enables us to turbo charge your businesses’ sales and marketing effort.

Marketing automation uses technology to automate repetitive tasks while crunching data to gain insights that can be used to improve conversion rates. So as well as helping your sales team transform highly qualified prospects into customers, we can use the software to identify the strengths and inefficiencies in your marketing channels and tactics.

And setting it up is as simple as embedding a small tracking code on your website and in your email newsletters.

Once the code’s in place, the software does the rest, keeping tabs on the behavior, needs and interests of your prospects (even the ones who you don’t yet know are interested in your product or service).

You can then build powerful automation rules around the actions your prospects take. If you have their details on file, you can send them targeted emails based on the information they’ve consumed on your site.

Better still, if you don’t yet know who they are, you can display dynamic content based on their browsing history that utimately leads them to a conversion form.

The success of any digital campaign that’s designed with conversion in mind is reliant on having forms that your prospects complete. SharpSpring allows you to inject forms created on its platfrom onto you own site or apply tracking codes to your existing forms. An autocomplete feature for known visitors that automatically enters details like name and email address gives conversion a further boost.

A lead scoring dashboard allows you to track your best prospects based on their engagement, fit and more. And with SharpSpring offering full integration with a range of 3rd party CRM systems and conversion platforms like AdWords and Google Analytics, all your marketing effort can be centralised in one easy-to-use dashboard.

So if you’d like Rogerwilco to use marketing automation to help you nuture your leads, call us on +27 (0)21 975 8181 or, for a automatic response, fill in the quick contact form in the footer.