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Social media is less effective for targeting consumers than marketers think.

Writing in the digital world is about being flexible, knowledgeable, SEO-inclined, focussed and excited about the industry (even if you aren’t writing about it).
Digital copywriters are writers, there is no doubt about that, but what differentiates them from authors, bloggers and journalists is that they write for the internet as well as for people.

Here is some practical guidance on how organisations may optimise their sites to improve their chances of featuring in voice search results.

When it comes to data, blockchain technology is here to disrupt entire digital strategies for the better. It has taken the advertising industry by

Social media marketing can be overwhelming.

When you think about marketing, especially content marketing, you often do not think about humour. However, there is most certainly a case for using humour in content marketing, especially in today's modern age of memes and viral posts.
Millennials are no longer just your interns. Nor are they only the juniors you hired to give you some insight into the “most influential generation of consumers ever”. You may immediately think of fresh graduates and youngsters with their fingers on the pulse of social media when you picture millennials, but that’s not the case.