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So, what do we mean by a mirror effect between your website and your visitors?

Having a content strategy is vital for any brand consistently producing content.

Ever visited a website to view a particular item but didn’t add it to your cart?

One of the most beautiful things about language is its ability to adapt and evolve along with its speakers.

Is your advertising working? If, like most corporates, you’ve been shifting your spend away from print and broadcast into digital, a report from Forrester may make for uncomfortable reading.
Is it better to be posting fewer long articles or many short articles on websites and blogs? It’s this question that keeps many content marketers and bloggers awake at night. But there’s finally a definitive answer.
Not all industries have the opportunity to close over the festive season. It’s unfortunate, but true. In fact, some industries become even busier while everyone else is soaking up the sun or having afternoon cocktails.  

‘No’ – the most powerful word in the English language. It’s biting, hard, quick and, to many, rude.