What is a Digital CX Agency and Why Does it Matter

Mon, 04/09/2023 - 10:27

What is a Digital CX Agency and Why Does it Matter?

Since Rogerwilco opened our doors back in 2008 we’ve seen a huge amount of change in the digital marketing landscape. Facebook and Twitter were mere toddlers and Instagram was still eight years away. Google Analytics and Mailchimp were considered martech and the iOS app store had yet to be born.

But while the furniture may have been rearranged, one thing that has been consistent is consumers’ desire for elegant online experiences. We were on it back in 2008, building beautiful websites with clear journeys even though we barely knew this was UX let alone a component of digital CX.

Although we’d focused intently on customer experience for the first decade of our existence, it was only in 2018 that we began to speak the language of digital CX. The following year we commissioned the first of our annual research reports into South African digital customer experience. We supplemented this with a second report which looks specifically at CX in the context of South Africa’s townships in 2021.

This interest in the good and bad of South African citizens’ online experiences ultimately led to a subtle repositioning where we began to refer to Rogerwilco as a digital CX agency as opposed to being a standard digital marketing agency.

But what does this mean?

It’s a nuanced difference. We continue to offer a full range of digital marketing services but by focusing on the end customer experience we make sure all the different solutions we offer our clients are knitted together with one clear purpose - to offer a consistently elegant experience regardless of whether the customer is interacting with the brand on a banner ad, a social post, a web page, a video or an email.

We also applied the nuance to our internal processes. If a client brief requires input from multiple subject matter experts, they work together on delivery as opposed to sitting in silos. This means that when we complete a project, the different pieces of the puzzle fit together seamlessly.

So explain digital CX

A company’s digital customer experience (CX) centres on the perception a customer has of a brand based on all the online interactions they have with it.

Although brands tend to differentiate their digital and physical / traditional marketing activities, consumers live in an omni-channel world where they use multiple channels when researching or purchasing products and services (our 2023 CX report found that online research influenced some R516bn in physical retail spend while 67% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase).

This means that digital CX has become an integral part of most organisations’ marketing strategies as the quality of the digital interactions they provide to their customers is more important than ever.

Delivering a great online experience builds loyalty, repeat business and word of mouth referral. Conversely, a poor experience leads to bad reviews which deter prospective customers.

In a world where information is readily available online and transactions happen in a heartbeat, prioritising your digital CX could be the difference between making a sale or losing a potential customer for life.

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