It's in the name


We’re an advertising agency with an addiction. But ours isn’t the type of dependency usually associated with our industry.

When clients give us their hard earned money, a sense of fiduciary responsibility overcomes us. We need to sweat that cash and grow it.

As obsessions go, our focus on generating quantifiable results means we might not fit the mould of conventional ad men and women (although we do use colourful language and some of us probably drink too much). But the creativity, passion and purpose we exhibit in the pursuit of marketing ROI makes for happy people and happy clients.

It also speaks to our name. Rogerwilco: We hear you. We understand you. We will comply.

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The back story

Back in the early 2000’s an Afrikaner and a Scotsman met in a creche. Stories like that need punchlines. But this one’s no joke.

A few years after that first meeting - in 2008 to be precise - Jakes Redelinghuys and Charlie Stewart founded Rogerwilco. Over the past decade, the business has grown into one of the largest independently owned performance marketing agencies in South Africa.

Today, Rogerwilco Digital is a multi award winning Level 2 B-BBEE rated agency with a staff ownership scheme that has seen previously disadvantaged employees take up 51% of the company's equity (including 31% black female ownership).

We work from offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg and service clients in the B2C, B2B and NPO sectors - while much of our work is for South African organisations, roughly a quarter of our revenue comes from international clients who have chosen to outsource their marketing requirements to South Africa.

Our awards


We don’t set out to win awards, but because we’re driven by a desire to measure our efforts, we do.

You’ll rarely find us winning fluffy trophies named after birds or animals that seek only to reward creativity. No, we believe the real measure of an award should be about a campaign’s results. Show the ROI and you show the value of the work.

It's a philosophy that's seen us win more awards for performance marketing than any other agency in South Africa in recent years: over 30 Assegai, IAB Bookmark, PRISM and New Generation awards. It's also seen us become the first ever African finalist in the prestigious global DigiDay content marketing awards.