2023 South African Customer Experience Report

Rogerwilco, in conjunction with ovatoyou and Julia Ahlfeldt CX Consulting, are thrilled to release the 2023 South African Customer Experience Report – our fifth major annual study.

As with the previous four versions of the report, we polled some 2 000 South African consumers to glean insights on the good and bad. While past iterations of the research interspersed the consumer feedback with commentary from senior marketing practitioners, for this year we issued a separate survey to business executives allowing us to compare and contrast the corporate view from the consumer one. The survey included an open invitation for all participating business leaders to provide additional follow-up commentary on our findings. Our expert panel this year is made up of those who opted to provide additional feedback on the record.

While it retains a strong digital focus, this year’s report looks at CX in an omnichannel fashion that aligns with the blurred boundaries that most of us see in our engagements with brands.

One of our insights is that we’ve begun to settle in online and are close to reaching a plateau in terms of the number of South Africans who shop online. That’s not to say that ecommerce spend isn’t growing - more a reflection that we’re closing in on the peak of those who have the funds and connectivity to transact through online channels.

But, arguably, the report’s key finding is around a troublesome malaise - that good is fast becoming considered good enough when it comes to experience expectations.

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