IBM Certified Partner

Rogerwilco is one of a handful of companies, and the country’s only performance marketing agency, to have become an IBM Partner in South Africa.

This means we’re licensed to sell and configure IBM Watson Campaign Automation (also known as Silverpop) and Customer Experience Analytics (also known as Tealeaf and CxA) software solutions.

As well as providing software licenses and configuring the platform, our performance marketing team can use our proprietary WOLF content strategy tool to identify topics that will resonate with audiences while also producing a range of written and animated content assets to ensure organisations make the most of their investment with Watson.

Marketing Automation

IBM Watson Campaign Automation (WCA) is a marketing automation software programme that uses artificial intelligence to improve the performance of marketing campaigns, helping organisations increase online conversion and revenue.

WCA has a variety of features that help to deliver consistent multi-channel experiences (via email, SMS, web, mobile and social) and provide the level of analytical insights that are needed to make sound marketing decisions.

Its marketing assistant helps with the creation of split test email campaigns that can take users to personalised landing pages. The software analyses user interactions and makes real time updates to prioritise the best performing campaign elements.

A lead management component reviews prospect behaviour, assigning lead scores and integrating data with platforms like Salesforce to further reinforce the impact of lead nurturing campaigns.

Customer Experience Analytics

CxA or Tealeaf is a Customer Experience Management (CEM) software product that provides visibility into users’ web browsing activities. By capturing, analyzing and replaying details of a user’s visit to a website, CxA enables marketers and call centre operators to see the user experience through the eyes of the customer.

By quickly uncovering areas of friction, teams across an organisation - which could include e-commerce, marketing, development/design and customer service - can resolve the root cause of issues.

Need Assistance with IBM’s Marketing Suite?

Rogerwilco’s IBM Certified team are ready to implement your IBM marketing cloud solutions.