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Creative Services

Like all advertising agencies, we pride ourselves on our ability to come up with on point ideas that get people talking, build engagement and deliver sales. 

But based on the premise that creative must have purpose, we use data and proprietary software to refine and validate our creative thinking. 

This ensures that we produce creative strategies and assets that are aligned with our clients’ objectives - be they to drive revenue, build communities or communicate messages. 

Creative Campaigns

The Creative Big Idea is every bit as relevant today as it was in Madison Avenue’s prime. But the world’s got busier, so to stand out and deliver a meaningful point of differentiation, creative has to work harder.

While our team of creatives, art directors, designers and copywriters are great, they aren’t alchemists. But when their creativity is aligned with insights provided by our strategists and data scientists, campaigns come to life. And their creative delivers.

Graphic Design

Most of the big campaignable projects we work on have multiple moving parts. And that means we have a huge variety of skills with competency in our team for design elements ranging from digital activities like web, social and email design to more traditional CI, brochure and DTP work.

More recently we’ve been working on game and augmented reality projects.

Video Production

All brands should be investing in video - from YouTube to Snapchat, Vimeo to LinkedIn, video’s pervasive. Consumers and B2B buying decision makers expect brands to provide them with easy-to-digest explainer videos, product reviews, Q&As and testimonials. 

And we’ve got the skills to prime storyboards, shoot, animate and post produce for you.

Need Assistance with a Creative Challenge?

Rogerwilco’s team of creatives, copywriters, videographers and designers is ready to help.