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Marketing Strategy

Awareness. Leads. Sales. Sounds easy enough. 

But for a business to set realistic goals and then go out and achieve them, it often needs external support.

Support that’ll help it validate whether the goals it’s targeting actually make sense; and whether they’re realistic. And support that’ll show how to achieve the goals and how to measure the various steps on the journey to success.

Strategic Consulting

Rogerwilco’s consultants have developed holistic digital marketing strategies for clients in a wide range of industry verticals in the B2B, B2C and NPO sectors.

More to the point, we understand business cases and we know how to align digital marketing activities to ensure you get what you want. Quickly. 

Our interventions start with an objective analysis of your goals before flowing into a comprehensive audit of your digital marketing activities.

Business Intelligence

As part of this, we’ll map out how much online demand really exists for your products or services, we’ll use our WOLF visibility tool to conduct a detailed competitor analysis to see who’s catering for the audience demand (and how they’re doing it), we’ll analyse your website’s architecture and usability. We’ll review and advise on your content and messaging, we’ll validate if your advertising’s working. And we’ll determine whether you’re measuring the things that matter.

Customer Mapping

The data and insights we gather are used as the foundation for a digital marketing strategy that’ll map your services to your customers’ needs.

The strategy then evolves into an actionable plan that identifies tactical opportunities - be they creative campaigns, technical SEO interventions, or small adjustments to web processes to enhance conversion rates - that will put your brand in front of the right people at the right time.

So, if you’re looking for guidance on a complete digital marketing strategy or need insight on a very specific digital challenge, our team of strategists business, analysts and data scientists is here to help.

Need Assistance with Digital Strategy?

Rogerwilco’s team of strategists, business analysts and data scientists is here to help.