We’re UX specialists.

Henry Ford said ‘nothing happens until a sale is made’ but poor user experience often stops sales dead in their tracks. We use software and insights to improve customer journeys through our UX services.

{88%} visitors never return if UX is poor
{$2.6bn} annual lost sales revenue on slow ecommerce sites
{65%} don’t submit forms if too much info is requested
{240%} client revenue growth after RW UX intervention
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Our approach to user experience


Data centered

UX is about the data. Analysing journeys - be it through emailers, websites or apps. Stacking and cutting the datapoints by channel, time of day, colour of font and size of form. Numbers need to be crunched.


Human driven

But while the data’s important, human insight is just as critical. Sometimes it’s about intuition. And to pick up the small nuances you need the kind of experience, skill and dedication that define the Rogerwilco UX team.


CRO focused

The overriding purpose of UX is to create a better experience. And as most commercial organisations want a better experience to lead to a sale, we incorporate conversion rate optimisation guidance in all our UX interventions.

Our user experience services

UX analysis

If you have an existing website or digital workflow, our team can model the steps your audience is taking and overlay the steps you’d like them to take as they move down the conversion funnel.

The journey might be a complex path with multiple interactions driven by a variety of channels.

Or it could be creating a simple A/B test script that’ll inform a broader UX design thinking process.

Struggle detection

As the only South African advertising agency licensed to work with customer experience software from Acoustic (previously IBM Watson’s Marketing Cloud), we can deploy the world’s most advanced UX programme to spot disconnects in the customer journey. Struggles can be aggregated or even played back as individual journeys. We also work with a variety of other modelling tools from Crazy Egg and Hotjar to Google Analytics.

Web and UX design

Drawing on our UX analysis (or on our many years of insight if no data is available), our UX consultants will outline a plan to improve the user interface of your website.

An effective UX design process means we can start making tweaks to the user interface — small changes and updates that’ll keep users on your website longer, improve their browsing experience, and, ultimately, convince them to convert.