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Apps are great. We love them. But not all apps are the same. At Rogerwilco we prefer progressive web apps to native apps. Enquire about our app development services. 

{4.1m} apps in the Apple and Android app stores (2018)
{60%} are never downloaded
{80%} time spent in top three apps
{50%} of all apps will be PWAs by 2020 (Gartner)
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Why use a progressive web app?


Apps that aren't apps

PWAs can be installed on a phone’s home screen, they run offline and they can send push notifications. But they don’t need to be submitted to app stores for approval - and you only need one (instead of one for iOS and another for Android).


Small form factor

Progressive web apps have a very small form factor, requiring minimal data to install, which is a key consideration for brands wanting to engage developing market audiences. Twitter’s iOS app is over 100MB. Its PWA version is just 0.6MB.



And PWA’s are much easier to find than native apps. With effective search engine optimisation you’ll find your app appearing in Google’s search engine results pages (which should ensure yours isn’t one of the 60% that never get downloaded).

Why use a progressive web app?


While we see huge value in PWAs for many of our clients, we are technology agnostic. Sometimes an app really does need to be built on ioS or Android. So after we’ve validated you business case we’ll be able to help you make an informed decision as to whether you should go native or aim for a web app.


A structured approach to UX is arguably even more important for an app than a website. Our team of user experience specialists will use a suite of emulation tools to prototype your app, ensuring that customer journeys are frictionless and engaging before the build process initiates.


To be fit for purpose, apps need to be found. Our skilled team of creatives, content producers, search marketers and social media consultants are available to help promote your app - be it in the native app stores or, in the case of a progressive web app, across the internet as a whole.