2023 TCX Report Insights: Tapping Into The Virtual Gig Economy

Tue, 17/10/2023 - 13:39

In 2023, we journeyed to South African townships with the ambition of gaining insights into how over 11 million South Africans have been navigating the world of selling products and working online.

In our previous report, we learned that over 70% of people have made purchases online, but how many of them have begun selling products or services online?

As South Africa continues to face unprecedented levels of unemployment, the internet proves to provide townships with opportunities for income. With over 60% of people saying they or someone they is working online, township residents are tapping into the virtual gig economy.


As connectivity continues to bolster the kasi hustle, factors such as access to the internet are proving to interfere with the success rate. Thankfully, service providers like Vumatel and isizwe.com have helped township households gain fast and cheap internet access.

Steve Briggs, CEO of isizwe.com, says, “Through the Kayamandi Fibre Project, we focused on democratising high-speed fibre internet access, ensuring equal opportunities for all, regardless of income”.

Access to the internet not only assisted township residents in creating self-employment but also made it much easier for people to access job opportunities and work freelance jobs online.

Thus, access to the internet is able to create a significant change in South African townships, with opportunities for income and employment. In an economy where employment is scarce, connectivity becomes the bread and butter of the community.

Gain a better understanding of the township economy by downloading the full 2023 TCX Report.

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