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Wed, 01/10/2014 - 12:56

You’ve probably landed on this page because you searched Google for ‘2Stroke Interactive’ or ‘2Stroke digital marketing’ and you’re quite possibly confused that the site logo and branding talks about Rogerwilco.

Well, that’s because we rebranded the company back in 2014, changing the trading name from 2Stroke to Rogerwilco. If you were attached to 2Stroke, you may be pleased to hear our registered name remains TwoStroke Interactive (Pty) Ltd.

You may be wondering why we chose to change names.

When we set the company up in Cape Town back in 2008 we viewed ourselves as a digital execution shop; a company that would build great platforms using the Drupal content management system and had the search engine optimisation expertise to send people to those sites.

But as time passed and our client base grew, we found people were asking us to deliver more creative campaigns and to assist them with digital strategy, so we grew our competency in those areas. This was great for our existing clients, but we gradually came to the realisation that the broader world – particularly organisations who’d had no experience of working with us, didn’t appreciate that we had this skillset. Indeed our name implied that we were mechanics. People who do execution but weren’t interested in creative or strategy.

So, in 2014 we took the brave decision to rename. We settled on Rogerwilco because it speaks to a number of key factors.

The name is derived from radio communication protocols (‘Roger’ means we hear you and understand; while ‘wilco’ confirms that we will comply).

This supports our no-bullshit approach to work. We’re not going to sell you a programme or a campaign if we don’t believe it’ll deliver a measurable return for you.

The name itself sounds more creative and has the ring of a big agency, which is what we intend to become.

And it’s fun.

So, has the rebrand worked? To our minds yes, but we’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

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