Behind the screens with designers

Thu, 09/06/2016 - 09:53

Imagine a world without colour, wouldn’t that be a little boring? A world without design would be the same. Design is not just pretty pictures to distract us from our busy lives; it’s much deeper and in-tune with what’s trending and happening.

So, what does a designer do?

The answer is easy. We influence, problem solve and try to change the world around us. We impact people’s decisions, not only to buy a product or make use of a service, but we strive to pull on that thing in your chest – your heart.

So, what is a designer?

The answer to this isn’t quite as easy. It’s not a choice, gift or talent. It’s a lifestyle. We are night owls who worship the software we work on. We live and breathe design. We keep up ourselves updated with what is current, what colours are in and what moods those colours mean to consumers. We make sure our designs are relatable, understandable and that people can associate with them.

We are conceptual thinkers and pay attention to detail. We are expected to turn a blank sheet of paper into a living, breathing work of art which will influence people and the choices they make. We are expected to know how the Fauvism movement in modern art communicates with an emotional state. And how other movements in art influence people today so we can incorporate those ideas into our modern crafting. Basically it’s not all just pretty pictures.

So, how does design influence online advertising?

We definitely don’t get paid to guess how best to grab people’s attention with poor banner ads and shoddy web pages. We want to give you a timeless, memorable experience. We start off by finding an insight or human truth so we know what the product or service has to offer and how it can benefit you. We find out what mood to set to grab your attention and where best to place headings and other elements to attract your attention toward the most important piece of information. We know that in two seconds of looking at an ad, you’ll become bored and move on. That’s the challenge we face when trying to influence your choices and decisions.

So, where do designers stand in an increasingly digital world?

It’s becoming more challenging for designers to influence audiences now that digital has quickly jumped in and is taking over. Print won't die; we just have a better, more effective platform for design. This is tricky and scary because online graphics not only eat away at your data but slow down the page you’re on. The exciting thing is that we’re able to communicate through a digital space and are able to monitor what interests people and what they’ve been searching for. We can design effectively for the audience. It’s not finding a needle in a haystack; we use statistics to influence our designs. These give real guidance and ensure an easier journey for designers in the online world.

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