Boost your Email Marketing Campaign

Wed, 10/07/2013 - 15:14

Email marketers often battle to captivate and persuade their target audience into opening, reading and clicking through their newsletters. What makes email marketing campaigns so challenging is that businesses do not fully understand what their readers’ wants, needs and preferences are.

Sending out a newsletter campaign and bombarding people with messages is not strategic, nor does it help increase sales or brand awareness. Instead, this could cause more harm than reward to the business.

It is easy to slap together a newsletter and press the send button; however, to deliver a captivating and impactful message to the intended audience requires proper and thorough attention to detail. There will always be room for experimentation and growth for your business’s email marketing campaign.

There is no “perfect” email campaign, but here are a few tips to help boost your email marketing campaign:

Keep it short and get to the point

Highlighting important information is the key for any newsletter: no faffing please.

Optimize your headlines

One of the most important elements of your email marketing campaign is the subject line. The subject line will determine whether your email gets opened and writing a great subject line is no small challenge at all. You only have a few words to make it persuasive, urgent and specific to convince readers to open the email and to read it.

The Obama Email Marketing Campaign that ran throughout the duration of the presidential election created quite a buzz. The main focus of the campaign was to determine the most preferred subject line for the newsletter. Testing, tweaking and re-evaluating were a crucial part of this successful campaign.

Focus the message

A simple message with amazing call to actions will captivate your readers’ attention, so make it count.

Make it scan-friendly

To ensure that your newsletter is scan-friendly, create easily-readable paragraphs and stay away from bulky content. To visually balance the newsletter, you can make use of images, as images often take less time to understand than words.

So now that you had a boost of email marketing tips, let us help you improve your email marketing campaign today.

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