Building a culture of do-good work: The benefits of CSR for your business

Thu, 26/07/2018 - 16:02

Many employees don’t only apply for a position at a company purely for a job opportunity. Workplace culture and purpose have become attractive to the younger generations, as their desire to be a part of something bigger is far more pronounced than that of the Baby Boomers or Generation X employees.  

Many digital marketing agencies in Johannesburg or new-age startups have made it their focus to add value to their employees’ lives by incorporating community elements and giving back. This type of investment is both beneficial for employee engagement, and of course, your bottom line. People want to work for companies which use their own resources to elicit positive change and make a difference. 

The real value and return on investment (ROI) generated from corporate social responsibility (CSR) are plentiful. If you want to improve your value proposition for future recruits and business opportunities, taking the time to donate to charities, encourage employee volunteering, create sustainable production and operation processes, and more, will significantly benefit your business’s success. 

Here are a few benefits of CSR for your organisation: 

A competitive edge in the market 
Whether you’re taking the time to invest in a social initiative or simply want to help out with a variety of charitable events throughout the year, it’s important to note that customers appreciate companies which have a good record in helping others. The reason for this is because many people who are invested in these initiatives focus on purpose and achievement beyond their business’ bottom line. 

While the commitment is a profitable solution for digital marketing agencies in South Africa, the point is not to do it for the monetary reward. Cultivating a do-good working culture can help to set the tone for employees and customers who spend money with your business. As for networking purposes, community interaction will also help to position your digital marketing agency as a competitor in the market. 

An engaged and productive workforce

People always associate positive behaviour with a good, trustworthy brand. Why? Because the way you treat and support the community is the way you treat your employees and your customers. Volunteer work or giving back contributes to the personal and professional development of your employees. When there is positive energy around you, you will naturally feel uplifted and more motivated to make a difference. This shows through in your work, as well as in how you treat the people around you. When your employees are inspired to be better, you’ll start to pick it up in their productivity levels and behaviour. 

A positive reputation and legacy 

We live in a world where opinions are formed based on the reputation of a brand in the public eye. A good reputation in the market will increase brand equity, and boost trust, credibility and reliability. When you promote a good deed, you’re making an effort to make a difference on a larger scale. This type of approach builds brand value as you’ll start to stand out and create a positive name for your company. 

Happier and loyal customers

Whether you’re selling a service or a product, customers are becoming more careful with where they spend their money. There are always going to be customers who are loyal to your brand from the very beginning, but when attracting new customers, you’ll need to remember that younger generations and people who give back themselves will be more willing to connect with a brand which has similar values as their own. When you have a positive social reputation, more people will trust and support your brand. 

Final thoughts

Giving back is not only about monetary contributions, it’s about time. It’s about using your skills and your voice to help others and show your support. It is of course, time-consuming and challenging when you’re sitting with a backed up schedule, but at the end of the day, contributing to society will have a massive impact on the economic growth and the environment at large. With last week’s Mandela Day still fresh in your mind, do your bit to make a change today for a better tomorrow. Your employees will appreciate your effort. 

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