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Wed, 15/05/2019 - 13:55

We’ve taken performance marketing to the next level with our award-winning WOLF content strategy tool.

WOLF helps marketers take the guesswork out of content marketing and generate improved (and consistent) engagement with content artefacts.

It uses a range of APIs to gauge the level of interest in thematic content topics, overlay a competitiveness index onto the themes, identify what web pages rank for these topics, analyse the actual web page content and, ultimately spit out ideas for your content strategy that are likely to prove popular but are relatively uncontested.

What does that mean? Well, if you give WOLF a few keywords or phrases, it’ll crawl the internet to find similar terms that people are using in their web searches. It’ll then pull data to see how frequently these terms are used and establish if there are seasonal changes in the frequency of their use.

Next, it interrogates Google to see what web pages rank for these terms, allowing our analysts to review the actual content on these pages to spot opportunities. 

The resultant dataset - a simple search creates over 2m database records - can be presented in excel or on an interactive dashboard (more expensive but way more insightful), helping you make evidence-based decisions when choosing focus areas for your content marketing programmes. 

The Back Story

We created WOLF after seeing significant fluctuations in the levels of engagement achieved by individual content pieces we produce as part of the broader content marketing and SEO campaigns we run for our clients.

As the majority of our work is in the earned space, we rely on social media and organic search to amplify content, exposing it to our clients’ audiences. While the quality of the content we produce was consistent, some artefacts achieved widespread social sharing and ranked well in Google search, driving visitors to clients’ websites and eliciting desired actions; yet other pieces failed to achieve visibility.

Our research pointed to an obvious truth: content marketing has hit saturation point – the production of content is growing at a far faster rate than the growth in the platforms that are available to amplify it or the attention span of the consumers at whom it is targeted. A new approach to our content strategy was required.

To refine our clients’ content marketing programmes and improve success rates we recognised we needed to analyse more data. Lots more data. And that is the story of WOLF.

The Awards

WOLF has won Assegai, New Generation and Bookmark award for technical innovation and excellence in research. It was also shortlisted as a finalist in the Best Content Marketing Tech Platform category of the global DigiDay content marketing awards.

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