Content is king...the old cliché is still true

Thu, 06/08/2015 - 15:31

We realise we may be talking to the converted, but we think it’s important to reiterate just how important content is in today’s marketing landscape. It’s an old cliché, but just because it is old and a cliché, doesn’t make it any less true.

Today, consumers are engaging with brands in a variety of different spaces, times and ways. The good ‘ol days of traditional bricks and mortar are gone. Well, perhaps not gone but now a consumer is walking into a store AND visiting the store’s online presence AND commenting on social media AND liking Facebook pages AND sharing posts.

The consumer is becoming the editor and publisher of their own story. They are hashtagging the hell out of life. They are having a conversation. It’s up to brands to participate because that conversation is going to happen with or without you!

Content – at its heart – is about storytelling. It’s about finding personal, relevant and credible ways of connecting with and speaking to an audience. Custom-made content is the ultimate heartbeat stuff. Crafting personalised, topical, relevant content is the challenge. Get it right and you’ve hit the jackpot.

Content is the prefect tool to build and enhance the brand-customer relationship. It’s one of the only things which can truly foster long-term loyalty. In fact, we’re pretty sure nothing else can achieve and maintain real loyalty like smart, effective brand content.

There are some golden rules:

  • Tell a story and put the consumer in it! Content has to mean something to the customer, not just to the brand.
  • Information has to be relevant. Tailor-made information is the ultimate demonstration of love for your consumer.
  • Content has to perform. It has to have a form of measurement, and not just ‘likes’.
  • Don’t just copy and paste a single piece of content across channels. Today’s consumers cross over from one medium to another. From traditional to digital, static to video, and back again. Content has to be crafted for the platform if it’s going to have the best chance of connecting.
  • Social media is an amplification tool – it’s the sub-woofer. It ramps up talkabillity and works to establish those brand ambassadors. Don’t do it if you can’t keep up and don’t do it if you can’t talk back. Social is about immediacy and it’s the ultimate test of personalisation.

Content marketing remains one of the strongest and most credible tools for driving inbound marketing and for building passionate and engaged communities. A good content strategy will help deliver ongoing ROI and extend the overall lifetime value of a consumer.

Rogerwilco combines strategic content development with precise execution and measurement. We understand content - the good stuff - the stuff which works and gets results.

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