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Wed, 15/05/2019 - 13:28

One of digital’s great attractions to the pointy headed data scientists and analysts at Rogerwilco is its measurability. We love implementing web analytics and conversion optimisation programmes that help our clients get the best ROI from their marketing spend.

Certified Analysts

We’re unique among digital agencies in South Africa in that we require all of our search engineers and UX consultants to hold Google Analytics certification. And our entire client service team. And some of our developers and designers. 

With so much data to dig into, it’s essential that clear processes are in place to ensure that analytics and conversion optimisation programmes have actionable outcomes. We’re able to avoid data paralysis by following a structured approach that we’ve iterated over the best part of a decade.

It’s an approach that’s helped dozens of clients boost conversion by equipping them to understand the nuances of their customers’ online behaviour.

We have a range of analytics services:

Google Analytics Account Setup

We’ll set your dashboard up to ensure you get the data you need out of GA. From simple goals to cross domain tracking and double click integration to funnel visualisation, custom reporting and use of Google tag manager, our analysts will help you gain meaningful insights.

Google Analytics Audits

Our qualified Google Analytics consultants will scrutinise your existing account to fix errors, ensuring you are working with reliable data.

Google Analytics Training

We run training courses for digital marketers wanting to improve their understanding of Google Analytics. Having assisted scores of clients and helped a dozen of our own team through the rigours of studying for individual certification, we’ve a well-honed training methodology that’s tailored to course attendees’ proficiency. Training is run from our office in Cape Town’s northern suburbs or at your offices if preferred.

Custom Dashboard Configuration

We use Tableau and Google’s Data Studio to create dashboards that bring data to life. Whether you’re interested in climate change or motor sales, we can take live data from multiple sources, write our own connectors that draw it all together and present key insights in a completely customised view.

Need Assistance with Digital Strategy?

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