Digital marketing scores big this FIFA World Cup

Tue, 03/07/2018 - 08:00

Sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup can drive plenty of action: in-store, online and in the workplace. Whether you like sports or not, there is no denying that there is a massive amount of excitement generated during these times. It can even bring out the best (and worst) in people. 

Missing out will only cause you and your company FOMO, so make the most of marketing in the moment and take advantage of the FIFA World Cup as a creative opportunity to promote your brand and score big.

Here’s how to win your customers’ hearts with your digital approach during the final 12 days of the FIFA World Cup.  

Really get to know your audience

Having a target audience does not mean that you know who your audience is. And the type of content you’re creating might not necessarily interest your readers, even though they might fall into a specific category. So, the first step is to make use of listening and analysing tools to ensure that your content is targeted and in-line with what your customers want. Categorise your content to suit your customers, as well as communicate with them on their preferred channels. Be it through emails, SMS or chatbot, personalisation will make your conversations relevant and unique. If you need some assistance with your content, consult with a digital marketing agency that can steer you in the right direction.
Dominate the (omni) channel online

While you might not be able to compete with Nike’s short film on Cristiano Ronaldo, you can recreate any emotional moment that brings people together. Soccer can excite a nation, so look at ways your creative team can inspire through feel-good stories and special moments to help reflect your brand during this eventful time. Another important element is to ensure that your campaign covers multi-channel options. This might fly over your head, which is why you should try and speak to a digital marketing agency in Johannesburg or Cape Town to help you understand how to be effective on various channels. Once you’ve discovered different ways to deliver your message, make sure that each channel covers different mediums of content, helping to increase your brand’s visibility and campaign results. If your business has a physical presence too, try and push your offline experience just as much in these moments.

Communicate with your “fans”

With marketing becoming less disruptive and more conversational, businesses are encouraged to offer two-way communication that helps customers engage with your messages or posts. This simple act can be the difference between an ordinary campaign and an outstanding customer experience. Interact with your customers, perform giveaways, share match-day photos and so forth. In the process, do not steer away from World Cup relevance and be sure to zone in on popular hashtags. Leverage this event to drive traffic, but do not use the event to focus on other campaigns which have no relevance to this moment. 

Take risks and embrace the moment

In-the-moment marketing is all about taking risks and being quick. Your strategy needs to be adjustable. Make sure that your team keeps an eye on emerging trends to include in your strategy when need be. It’s all up to you. Pick your teams, choose your opinions and make it a fun experience. It’s all about trying new things with your brand and learning more about your customers.

Final thoughts

You might have a variety of ideas floating through your office, but without the right digital marketing agency to help you and the ability to execute them, it won’t be effective. In order to achieve your marketing goals and meet digital targets, your chosen digital marketing agency in South Africa needs to have a clear idea of how to put your customer at the heart of your omnichannel marketing approach. Connect with your customers wherever they are and make life more convenient for them in the moment. 

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