How agencies can benefit from marketing automation

Wed, 05/09/2018 - 09:00

Marketing automation is growing quickly. This holistic approach to marketing has made life easier for employees and has allowed businesses to reach their full potential without spending extra time at the office. 

Automation is mainly used for productivity purposes and to increase revenue. It’s an umbrella term for a handful of artificial and machine learning platforms used to remove the guesswork out of data-related tasks, improve customer relationship management (CRM) and automate internal workflow. 

By utilising the right tools in your digital marketing agency in Cape Town to accommodate your clients’ business needs, automation can help boost brand profits and free up valuable time for agency employees. This means they can close more deals and deliver more (awesome) work for their clients.

Here are a few agency benefits of using marketing automation:

Improved customer experience 

In B2B environments, marketers are able to offer clients a personalised experience based on their customers’ behavioural preferences and their existing connection with a particular brand. With the use of artificial intelligence (AI) programs and automation tools, you will be able to analyse a brand’s consumer base and action their campaigns according to specific triggers. Personalised content, convenience and real-time conversations are what make customer experiences better and, in turn, help you to generate more money for your clients. Simply by structuring a brand’s business model to showcase this, you will see an improvement in leads and conversion rates. And while the initial price for automation systems will be costly, the price can be justified by the long-term return on investment (ROI) experienced by your clients.

Smart campaign monitoring and measurement

In order to monitor campaign results and compare them to previous ones, you will need to implement an automation tool that can help you sift through data and generate real-time reports on the numbers you need. From additional marketing expenditure to actual client campaign results, automation tools can help you internally, externally and on a B2C or B2B scale. Now, you will be able to increase the scale and scope of your clients’ marketing campaigns without having to communicate with each individual personally. You will also be able to recover lost revenue by using remarketing tactics.

A team of skilled individuals 

Marketing automation will constantly be testing your employees and encouraging them to work harder to achieve better results for your clients. Through the various programs used, you will be able to detect concerns and pinpoint areas in your marketing approach that require work. This way, your teams will be able to improve your sales funnel, as well as their skills and knowledge by learning from these tools.

Employee expenditure and business savings

This is always a debatable topic because people believe that robots are going to take over their jobs, however, this is not the case. Marketing automation is to make use of automation tools and artificial resources to increase productivity and reduce the time employees spend on repetitive tasks. For example, by making use of a chatbot to communicate with a brand’s consumers, your employees will be able to spend time on complex work that requires human attention. It will allow business owners to reduce staff costs on positions that can easily be operated by a machine (and possibly better than that of any human). Whatever you save on overhead costs can be invested into training for further employee growth.

The prediction of future behaviour 

Predictive analytics generated from machine learning algorithms will help you to identify potential customers in advance, based on their interactions with a brand. This is especially beneficial for B2B marketers as you will not be wasting your time (and clients’ money) on pursuing cold leads that have no potential to convert. In B2C environments, you will be able to use the data generated by your SEO agency in Cape Town to collect insight that will help your client improve their existing product and service. With the help of the right SEO services in Cape Town and access to the latest technological innovations, you will be able to predict a brand’s consumers’ next step and market to them accordingly.

Final thoughts

The revenue benefits of marketing automation are endless. In order to succeed, you need to leverage the latest technologies and automation tools to give your clients the support they need to stay competitive. 

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