How The Cookie Crumbles: Crafting New Marketing Strategies in a Cookie-Free World

Thu, 02/05/2024 - 09:57

As the digital marketing landscape faces the seismic shift of third-party cookie deprecation, marketers should rethink their strategies in an era where privacy is paramount. This transformation requires a fresh look at traditional marketing methodologies, which have heavily relied on third-party cookies for targeted advertising.

Understanding these changes and preparing for the future of digital advertising is vital. Rogerwilco's upcoming webinar, facilitated by brand strategist Mongezi Mtati, offers an invaluable platform for marketers and brands to gain insight and strategies to navigate this new terrain. 

Join us on 22 May 2024, at 10h00 for an enlightening discussion.

Our panel of industry experts:

  • Charlie Stewart, CEO of Rogerwilco
  • Janette Hardman, Head of Sales South Africa - InMobi on behalf of Microsoft Advertising
  • Laurian Venter, Director at One Day Only
  • Zunaid Parker, Executive Head: Digital Media - Advertising and VAS services at Vodacom

The webinar will delve into the following critical themes:

  • Understanding Cookie Deprecation: Learn what cookie deprecation means for brands.
  • First-Party Data Strategies: Explore how to utilise first-party data more effectively to maintain and enhance customer engagement.
  • Privacy-First Advertising: Discover how to align your advertising strategies with a privacy-first approach while delivering personalised experiences.
  • Changes in Ad Products: Find out how platforms like Bing are adapting their services to support advertisers in a cookie-less world.

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