How To Optimise Your Facebook Page

Thu, 06/12/2012 - 09:21

Facebook is a social networking giant that connects you to the world. The website has recently passed the one billion users mark and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. Why do you need to know this? Facebook is not simply a social networking site that allows friends to share pictures and updates, or old friends/college roommates to reunite. Facebook is a fantastic tool for business.

A Facebook business page will help you connect and interact with your current client base, and allow you to gain exposure to a new ‘segment’ in your market via friends of your clients. However, one needs to remember that it is important to create the ‘right’ type of Facebook page. This page needs to represent the company’s brand, ethics and goals.

Here are three easy ways to optimise your Facebook page:

Number One – Be Authentic

An authentic company Facebook page would be one that is trustworthy, accurate and reliable. Ensure that your company, product and personal description is accurate. Furthermore, do not promote simply to get a ‘Like’. In essence, your Facebook page needs to replicate your website.

Number Two – Do Not Sell Your Products

No one wants to read constant updates on new product deals. A Facebook page is there to compel customers to want to buy your product. Ensure customers stay up-to-date with promotions, but focus on displaying your product in a positive light – through customer reviews and news from the industry on the products.

Number Three – Quality Over Quantity

How often should you post updates – once an hour, once a day, once a month? Every time you want to post something you need to ask yourself this one question: ‘How will this benefit the customer?’ A quality post will grab customer’s attention, while posting just to be visible will end up annoying your customers and turning them off your brand.

The point of Facebook is to post fun, interactive messages that deliver a message to your client base. Remember to never duplicate the content you post, as people want unique content that is tailored to each social media. Contact Rogerwilco, a leading digital marketing company, and let us help you optimise for Facebook page.

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