How To Optimise Your LinkedIn Company Profile

Wed, 10/10/2012 - 09:20

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over one hundred and seventy five million members and growing rapidly. LinkedIn is designed to connect you to trusted contacts as a way of exchanging knowledge, ideas and opportunities across a wide network of professionals.

So why use LinkedIn?

Simply put for a company, it creates exposure to the one hundred and seventy five million people using LinkedIn. LinkedIn can assist your company in three ways:

One – Raise Awareness

The main goal of business is to raise awareness of the company. LinkedIn allows you to let others know who you are and what your company does. Join LinkedIn Groups to further gain awareness with members. The reason it is so effective, is these groups show exactly what people are talking about. This allows you to tailor your profile to answering questions or providing services to these members.

Two – Build Networks

Networking is about expanding connections with colleagues and contacts in your industry. This allows you to share knowledge, learn about new market trends and generate relationships with influential people in the industry. Furthermore, LinkedIn allows you to search and hire exceptional employees.

Three – Get Informed

The more information you have, the more you are able to grow your company. LinkedIn allows you to follow the latest new in your industry and keep up with the markets that effect’s your company. This information is current and ensures that your company stays up-to-date.

Since you now understand why you need to be on LinkedIn, how do you optimise your company profile?

LinkedIn has recently made improvements to the company profile pages on the website. These four changes will help you optimise your company profile.

Number One – Banner Images

LinkedIn has realised that company branding is vital to the success of a business’ profile page. This banner image is similar to the Facebook cover image. This banner image will help you attract attention to your profile. Therefore, you need to ensure that it is bold, eye-catching and specific to your company.

Number Two – The News Feed

The news feed has recently been given a makeover and allows you to add images to news feeds and new targeting options. This means you can target specific areas with news feeds and contact all followers with news and content from your blog or company website.

Number Three – Company Profile

The first thing that a member of LinkedIn sees is your company profile. This includes the about section, the mission, products, company events, specialities and all contact information. Ensure that your company profile is up-to-date and complete. This will give you the best chance of gaining exposure with potential clients.

Number Four – Products, Services and Recruiting

The information you list has become far more visible on LinkedIn, with the use of sidebar tools. These sidebar tools run along the side of your profile and showcase your products, services and contact details. Ensure this list has your top performing products or services and correct contact details.

As previously mentioned, LinkedIn can be a fantastic tool for hiring new staff. Add a recruiting sidebar to the page, will allow you a far greater pool of applicants than hiring through agencies. Furthermore, this will provide an up-to-date immediate over view of what the person has down, is currently doing and if they will suit your company.

Optimising your LinkedIn company page is basically improving your profile to gain exposure. The bottom line is you want sales, therefore use LinkedIn and target the right customer in the right space.

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